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Sharing and discussing the amazing and unexpected history of Catholics in what is today the United States of America, starting with the first Mass offered on these shores in 1513, through the present day. Share your stories and those from your local area, and let's learn from one another!
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Dr. Kevin Schmiesing, American Catholic History Conversation
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Visiting the Willows!

We had a splendid time visiting The Willows, the home of Joseph Warren Revere, last weekend. It sits within Fosterfields Living Historical Farm outside of Morristown, New Jersey. We were in town for a wedding, and couldn't pass on the opportunity to see this historic home. And what a well-preserved bit of history it is!

The Foster family, who bought the house from Revere's widow, preserved a number of Revere's things, including the extensive trompe l'oeil paintings he did in the foyer and dining room.

If you're ever in the Morristown, NJ area we highly recommend you take the time to visit The Willows — and the rest of Fosterfields. They have additional museums on site, plus a working farm that preserves techniques and activities from 1920s farming. You also can pet the animals and take part in the work.

March 29, 2023
A Eucharistic Miracle in Georgia?

In 1819, Father Samuel Sutherland Cooper was shocked when the host in his hands suddenly changed into a piece of bleeding flesh. This happened in Augusta, Georgia, just a few days after Father Cooper had boasted that a demonstration proving the doctrine of Transubstantiation would take place on Sunday. His rash boast — and he recognized its rashness as soon as he'd proclaimed it — was in response to the abuse being hurled upon the Church, and especially upon the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist, by an ex-priest who still lived in the area. The remarkable happening naturally caused a sensation. Learn more about the remarkable life of Samuel Sutherland Cooper:

January 31, 2023
Fr. Duranquet Saves Albert Hicks

Father Henry Duranquet, SJ, became known as The Apostle to the Tombs because of his work with prisoners in New York's prisons, including the one known as The Tombs.

His patient ministry brought thousands of criminals to Christ — or back to Christ. But perhaps his most spectacular work was with the notorious international murderer and thief Albert Hicks. Hicks was under a death sentence, but he went to the gallows after having returned to Christ by the hands and through the ministry of Father Hicks.

Listen to the entire episode:

December 27, 2023
New Episode: Margaret Haughty

Margaret Haughery came to America as a child in 1818 and promptly lost her entire family to disease and desertion. She married and had a child, but before her 24th birthday she lost her husband and daughter to disease. Through the help of her parish priest she turned this tragedy and pain into energy to work hard and help others. For the next 40-plus years she became one of the most prominent philanthropists in New Orleans, turning a dairy business, and then a bread empire, into orphanages, homes for indigent mothers and elderly, and schools. She became known as "The Bread Woman of New Orleans." Her death in 1882 was a public calamity. The archbishop, many priests, many politicians, and even the Pope honored her at her funeral. Two years later a public monument to her was erected, the first statue honoring a woman erected on public land in the United States.

New Episode: Margaret Haughty
December 09, 2023
Update on What's Going On With Us

Hello friends and supporters! We've taken a longer hiatus than we planned, so we owe you an explanation. Here's an episode we recorded a couple of weeks ago, and our new editing helpers got it back to us so we can share with you. We will return to regular podcasting in the next few weeks, and we look forward to reconnecting with all of you in the New Year! Listen in for more, including our upcoming pilgrimages to Kentucky and to Wisconsin in 2024!

Update on What's Going On With Us
September 20, 2023
Episode: The Lady in Blue

New episode!

In 1620, the year the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, a Spanish nun began to appear to the Jumano people of west central Texas. The Spanish nun, Sister Maria de Jesus de Agreda, was a mystic who never left her monastery in Spain, but through the spiritual gift of bi-location visited the Jumano people more than 500 times between 1620 and 1631. After she’d evangelized the Jumano for eleven years she sent them to the Franciscan missionaries who had come to New Mexico. When the Franciscans came to the Jumano village near present-day San Angelo, Texas, they examined and baptized 2,000 Jumanos whom they found to be very knowledgeable in the faith.

#achpodcast #sanangelo #SanAngeloTX #bilocation #jumano #evangelization

Episode: The Lady in Blue

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March 31, 2024
Happy Easter! We will return soon!

Happy Easter! He is Risen!
We are so eager to get back to regular episodes here on American Catholic History. My Montessori training program for Hilltop Montessori School has been a much, much larger endeavor than we imagined, so writing and recording new episodes has been impossible. But the main work of my program is DONE at the end of May! So in June, we will return.
In the meantime, we are working with an editor to restore back episodes on our feed after separating from SQPN.
Thank you so much to all of our supporters who have stuck with us. We pray for you and appreciate you more than you know.
God bless your Easter!

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August 05, 2023
See you tonight in Louisville?

We'd love to share a drink with any listeners in Louisville area tonight!

We're in Kentucky preparing for our second Pilgrimage to the Kentucky Holy Land and Bourbon Country. We'll be at Doc Crow's Smokehouse and Raw Bar tonight at 8 p.m. to meet up with listeners — let us know if we can expect to see you there!

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